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We need something to discuss in here while HLP is offline, so howsabout debris? ;)

Well, I was recently playing Love the Treason in full SCP goodness, - paying special attention to any (more...) bugs with the two Aeolus' that jump in.
When they exploded however, I noticed that despite the fact that the Aeolus' debris constitutes the whole mass of the ship - split over 13 chunks with a burned and blackened texture to match, only 2 or 3 pieces of debris actually made it out to drift off. :\

"Well.....that's kinda annoying" I thought, but it was only when the decoy Sunder is scuttled that I noticed the problem is getting worse - not a single piece of debris was generated by the ship intended to create the fake debris field!
So of course it looked a little silly when Snipes is yelling at the Sevrin to scan the debris field for the Sunder. ;)

I know this sorta discussion has cropped up before, but meh. 'ere it is again. :p
I'd imagine the best solution would just be to increase the maximum number of debris chunks that can exist at one time and increase the debris hitpoints so they actually survive the blasts and can drift off happily ever after. (slowing them down as well might be cool too, but it's not all that important)
Performance wise, might it be possible/wise to blow up chunks once they appear too small to see?


I would like that, the speed of the debris should be reduced significantly.

Additionaly I would like too see an optional submodel, with a special name (like debris-hulk, or something), which wouldn't fly away, but stay still and only rotate very slowly around a random axis.

That would make Starlancer-like dead ship hulks possible.
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I posted something about this on HLP. Only 10 capital ship debris pieces can only be active at one time. If a new one is created and there are already 10, then the oldest chunk explodes. Also a chunk will explode if more than 10km from the player.
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Well, it's a good start - thanks. :)
Could it be set to something fairly high? ie, at least 32, but more hopefully about 64 or so?
I ask because i've just finished preliminary tests of the lucy in-game, and again, a lot of pieces dissapear: (21 chunks all up)
Though admitedly it isn't nearly as bad as normal here, since the lucy gets to use all 10 chunks of the limit, in a mission with other existing chunks, it'd probably get cut down pretty viciously.
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I gave it a quick look last night and I think it would be better to just make it dynamic. I had made a new linkedlist setup for using dynamic hotkeys but that code was so intermingled that I ended up not even trying. Still got the updated linkedlist stuff though so it might be worth a try in this case since it's considerably simpler.

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