You'll definitely want -spec and -glow (though if memory becomes an issue, dropping spec might be helpful) and -jpgtga is more or less neccesary if you weant to use high poly models. -ambient_factor 75 is a good one too as is -2d_poof. Definitely don't use -pcx32 or -d3dmipmapping as these are framerate killers on non top of the line systems. Also remember not to install the adveffects vp.

Check yur framerates with those settings (make sure you ckeck both d3d and OGL) and see how you go.
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In reality, the last MV_models pack was supposed to be usable without -jpgtga. You won't get glowpoints, but you'll get everything else. The patch may have broken that again, but not needing -jpgtga was an intention at some point.

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