I mentioned this in the CVS thread in HLP, but that's unavailable ATM, so I reitterate it here. The latest CVS of FSO is giving me some weirdness. I was testing out a mission which works properly under 10/29, and suddently some ships have no warp effects. Its not like its just that the effect isn't getting rendered, but the ship isn't even doing the customary deceleration thing. Its just sitting there at default speed. Its as though I had clicked the "no warp" box in the arrival cues. Additional weirdness, some directives are being thrown up regarding ships that aren't even in the game area yet. In addition, in the initial status, some ships are docked to others that are warping in. 10/29 gives no probs, but this one causes them to be shaken off and blown up. I've encountered this before, but I've found that setting the docked craft to haveing no AI class, and ordered to play dead, eleviate this problem. These steps have been done in this case, but they are still being discarded and destroyed. Again, 10/29 is not plauged by this.
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OK, I'm getting some more weirdness. I haven't had the time to test out the FSO build, but I did just try out the FRED build. I was about to do some further work on a mission I'd started earlier, when I suddenly got error messages indicating that ships listed in certain events and departure/arrival cues weren't there. Basically, its as though this FRED refuses to load them, resulting in logic errors. It's also refusing to show the Drakh Mothership, except when you get into LOD0 range. Otherwise all you're seeing is the paths and dockpoints (if those render options are selected). I loaded the same missions in the last FRED, and everything was there, no problem, but this FRED is just being a B**** about it.
The Trivial Psychic Strikes Again!

Optimized builds have been compiled to take advantage of P4 and athlon processors optimizations. Standard builds have been compiled using PIII, PII, and Pentium Pro optimizations.

SCP goodness in one place, cool. :D

(edit) mouth waters, downloading now... I want them all AH, hahahaha.

Um, sorry for that, I got a little excited.. :D
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