If you're refering to primaries providing a kick-back from firing them from a fighter, this existed even in Retail, but I assume you're refurring to turret barrels, that are recoiled a bit when they fire. Its been requested & proposed a few times, but it would require an extensive rewrite on model code, since it requires the ability of sub-object translation rather than rotation. Currently, rotation is the only type of sub-object motion available to us, like rotating radar dishes, sensor pannels, turets, etc. POF and FSO currently do not support sub-object translation, and I've heard no plans to include something like this. It is more likely that the model format for Ferrium will allow for sub-object translation, which should make turret barrel recoil a viable possibility.

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Yeah. We'll see how far that goes. If he get's it working, expect several rounds of builds and rewrites before it actually gets into a stable build.

Not that it's hard to do; it just requires some changes to the engine, and Bobboau's changes usually come away with a few bugs attached. :(
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Correct. Bob mentioned off hand that weapon recoil is now at least feasable and could be implimented not too long (we're talkin' maybe a few months) after 3.6.5 is released. This was in the same thread that he introduced destroyable, non-targettable submodels, and trigger-coded animations. Somewhere in the HLP moding forum. Just look for a thread Bobbeau started.

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yeah, i saw that. couldnt understand what it was doing (the mission didnt do anything...) until it got well into the second page, but i get it now.

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