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Over the years the EVE theme music on the startup has changed with each major patch. All of the music that was used before was never used again, but I think some of the theme tracks were actually pretty good. I always remember Shiva because it was a pretty big patch and generally a good time in EVE. But my favourite was definitely the first, Stellar Shadows, from the original client. Loved that atmosphere.

So, if you have a moment to listen while doing your carebear mining; here are the various themes to jog your memory!

Stellar Shadows (2003)
Shiva (2004)
Revelations (2006)
Trinity (2007)
Empyrean Age (2008)
Quantum Rise (2008) ... re=related
Apocrypha (2009) (Best EVE patch IMO)
Dominion (2009)
Tyrannis (2010)
Incursion (2011)
Incarna (2011) (worst EVE patch IMO..)
The Expanse. Watch it!

Re: Theme tunes

Wait, what? Stellar Shadows sounds almost identical to the campaign ambiance in Metroid Prime: Hunters. I recognized the song as soon as it started and I was not around for Stellar Shadows at all. Unless it's still in the game somewhere and that's why it sounds familiar

I think Quantum Rise is my favorite (music, not patch).
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