New staff, old staff, come here first

Well, thanks to Hunter, staff stuff just got easier...

People who HAVE positions, or have been APPROVED for positions, click this icon at the top right:

Management, select the one entitled 'FreeSpace Conflict Zone' and click 'Join Group'. There is no need to join the other.

Testers: repeat the proscess above, but join the 'FSCZ Testers' group.

New people: post here, and wether you are a tester, or manager (most likely a tester, but who knows :) ) post here, and wait for me, or another manager to approve, so you don't get denied by asking before posting... (Because, how am I supposed to know before you post? :p )...

This should be simple enough to use, and a bit faster then making Hunter do it, so we'll give it a shot...

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