Well, its 219.5, probably since AOL was messing it up... also check that your OS (xp in particular, if thats what you're using) doesn't limit it...
It does drop to about 80 when looking at things (to about 160 when looking at nodes)...

Hippo are you running windows xp?

I`m running 98SE, maybe thats why my frame rate sucks... It looks fine as long as I only use the new engine glows 82fps, anthing other rips that down to 4fps, oh well..

Wishes I could talk the wife into letting me get a new pc, but at the moment keeping the house and cars are a priority, can`t have a pc without a house to put it in.. Anyway been working alot and it is just now starting to pay off, my better half (wife) said by june we should be all caught up, bill wise.. The catch is I`ll have to continue working extended hours to keep it that way.. Well I should look at it from a different perspective, things could be worse than they are, at least I have a job, a home, and a wife that will stand by me through thick and thin.. :D
Who am I? Take 3 guesses, and the first 2 don`t count.

no, i'm using w2k, and have proven it is soley responsible for everthing bad in the last 4 years :p ...

xp and nt (i think) cap the framerate at 60fps...

(edit) I`ve finally got FS2Open to run on this machine woohoo :dance:


Well, its taylor's memory reduction build...

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