Hmmm, I don't have FS1 but I think that FRED_open can open FS1 missions. I'll convert your missions if someone else converst the ships. ASk over at HLP or Freespace watch maybe?

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Well, I'm putting up a post on HLP... Shinobi; if that feature works for you (tell me if you need a sample mission) you can have the job if you're still interested... Anyone else? Post here if you came from the HLP thread too...

Not realy... Open in modelview, save as FS2... Though I have only one model that isn't already in FS2 (Orion, Aten, Hippocrates, Argo)... I'd actually need people to convert the tables for ships and weapons into those of the FSPort2.3 (custom ships and weapons that is) and most of the mods (Orions with nameplated and changed tables) can be done in FRED2_Open_r IIRC...

EDIT: Actually, FRED2_Open_r doesn't allow for the kind of table changes needed... So yeah, I have some 5-6 models that would need converting and Tableing... So Kasperl, if you want to convert them, tell me on ICQ, and I'll tell you where to get them...

There's some instructions at FSPort's website about how to convert old FS1 missions into FS2 format.

I'd be happy to help, but I've got some other drains on my time, and I'd rather not leave you guys in the lurch. I'm looking forward to playing te campaign, though.
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There's some instructions at FSPort's website about how to convert old FS1 missions into FS2 format.
Those only work without mods, and it was being screwy anyway... The open .FSM in Fred_Open doesn't work, and it takes to long to re-create the mission ship by ship... (I've tried...)

Ok, new laptop, same problems... Goober said he'll look into it when they fix the glaring fred problems... Meanwhile, I'm thinking about just rebuilding it manually (AARGH!!!), but i could still use people to convert some ship and weapon enteries... I could also use another tester... Whitelight lost a LOT of data in his last engagement with a virus, and i've got mission 6 DONE and tested by me, but i know i'm not testing without knowing what heppens... So, FS1 and FS2 testers would be appropriate (FS2 a bit later on though)...

Still need someone to convert models? I have done conversions to fs2, and I can do table editing.. I have a version of FS2_open and fred_open up and running.. The version of FSO is FS2_open_r_future_demo..

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All nameplated orions, and the others are a ganymede, hippocrates, and argo... (not important to convert :p )...

Then there's the Flyable Escape pod... I still haven't made up my mind about that...

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