Yes! After 10 hours of non stop tweaking from tester results, the demo missions are finally 100% complete! Within the day, I will have a new .vp file, new campaign file, and have everything loaded into the installer, and uploaded! I would like to personally thank the staff, who in the last 2 weeks, went from a leisurly pace of testing, to a greuling triple time march:

Whitelight, Alkabeth Angel, Goober5000, and CobaltStarr for testing.
Hunter, and Ferret for doing some voice acting.
GalacticEmperor for listening to my constant questions.
Goober5000 (again) for letting me use his orion Nameplates.
Hunter (again) for providing hosting...
Ulundel (formerly TenOfTwelve) for making the AHTW logos.
Killadonuts; even though he dissappeared long ago, he helped shape the project into what it is now.
Shivannode, for calling the Shivans, 'Shavudans' and kick-starting the idea in my head.
Me, for well... :anidea: Being... Me...

Congratulations Hippo :)

I don't have FS1, so I can't play it, but it's always good to see someone finshing starting what they started :)

Flipside :D
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