Progress report.. :D
Have the GTD Minnow, GTD Minnow (refitted), GTD Obsidian, GTD Enterprise, and the PVC Anohs pofs converted to fs2Port.. The Anohs turret is also converted to fs2Port, which took a little longer than expected due to it crashing the game, but I did get the bug ironed out.

As of now (for testing) I have everything running on DTP`s fs2beta003 which will allow for the 130+ ship entries in the table.

Things still on going...
Conversion of the demo missions to the fs2port.

An fs2open build to allow 130+ ship entries.
Who am I? Take 3 guesses, and the first 2 don`t count.

One question: will this campaign still be released for FS1, or are you simply going for an FS2Port release?
A.K.A. Mongoose, for you HLP denizens

No. The FS1 version will come out first. Thats the point behind this whole project. Whitelight started porting it, but i can GUARENTEE that it will NOT be done by the time of the FS1 release.

Cool stuff :D. As to everybody lacking FS1, I've seen it around several times in the bargain bins of gaming stores. Besides that, I'm pretty sure that it's sold online somewhere, and not only on eBay.
A.K.A. Mongoose, for you HLP denizens

When mission testing comes around, it will have priority over my other work :)

Yep, the missions will have to be done for fs1 before they can be ported over to fs2.. :)

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