Disconnecting USB drive

I have an issue with one of my USB drives randomly disconnecting when another USB device is inserted. It automatically reconnects but it's getting a bit annoying. I have no problems with my power or mainboard (both are excellent quality) and it's only just started doing this recently - could the drive be on it's way out? Or perhaps dust in the port? Looking for ideas :nod:
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Re: Disconnecting USB drive

How old is the mobo? My guess is that the port's loose, just enough to disrupt the communication to/from the devices.
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Re: Disconnecting USB drive

Brand new Asus board, had no troubles with it for 2 months or so. I have two external drives. Only one of them does this and it doesn't matter which ports I'm using.. It's not a problem with the Mobo/PSU because I'm usually very aware of those types of problems (being a two decade computer user and all..)
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