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I'm looking for various bloggers to post one or two articles per week in their particular niche.
This will be for the Sectorgame homepage that I will hopefully launch before the end of the year. No experience is necessary, but it helps if you know what you're talking about and have a good command of English.

Initially the following fields will need to be blogged about and I'd like one blogger for each of these:

* FreeSpace - Anything going on in the FreeSpace community. As most news comes out of HLP you'd need to be a regular there. Ofcourse I don't want an exact copy of the HLP newsletter but most of the subjects covered will be the same.

* EVE - Although I haven't invited anyone back to the forums yet (most people still don't know we're here) this is a field that could be filled by any of our active EVE pilots. I know of at least 3-4 guys who might be willing to fill this position. Anything from news about ingame events or articles about changes to the game, patches, etc.

* Indie games - Articles and news about the indie genre. Specifically science-fiction indie games such as Limit Theory, Faster than Light, etc. A focus on space games is a must - Articles about Minecraft is a big no-no.

* General gaming - Focusing on science-fiction and space-shooter releases (non-indie). Examples of this could include Mass Effect, Alien Isolation, SOMA and any games you think are worthy of these genres.

Multiple bloggers for each field is also possible.

What you write about is entirely up to you. But you'll be blogging, not news reading, and posts will need to be at least a few hundred words long. Posting one or two high quality articles per week rather than around the clock tweets is the idea.

I cannot go into details yet about what kind of interface you'll be using to write these blogs but it's going to be fairly straight forward.

This is entirely voluntary. You won't be paid for writing blog posts, and you shouldn't expect to earn anything from this role unless Sectorgame monetizes in the future, something I've considered a few times but don't see happening anytime soon. Enthusiasts are best for these positions.

Anyway, this is just an early recruitment phase. I will attempt to find staff outside of Sectorgame at a later date, but for now I'm asking our local resident veterans. :) Send me an e-mail or PM if interested.
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