Which D2 weapon did you miss in D3? - You wanted a Descent topic...

Upgradeable lasers (No votes)
Vulcan Cannon (No votes)
Gauss Cannon
Total votes: 3 (60%)
Spreadfire Cannon (No votes)
Helix Cannon
Total votes: 2 (40%)
Phoenix Cannon (No votes)
Flash Missile (No votes)
Smart Mine (No votes)
Mercury Missile (No votes)
Earthshaker Missile (No votes)
Total votes: 5

And why?

I always liked the Helix cannon. Plug in the rapidfire and bouncing projectiles cheat codes and clear the room! :boogy: Though they really ought to have left the Smart Mine in D3.
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Im getting all teary-eyed. I definitely miss the simplistic days of D2. Or more so, when I played it, it seemed like that.
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