New Archiving project...

Some of you may have seen my post over on the descentbb, but I'll reiterate it here.

I've got the domain "" registered, and I'm building a 'spoof' site that will look like it is the PTMC's own website, but ... not quite. Slight changes here and there.
My intent is to make it an archive site for all things Descent 1-3. SDKs, editors, tools, as many source codes as I can find, and of course a mission archive.
I am already adding the archive I saved years ago, and I would like to merge with a dump of the Descent Mission Archive and the Descent Files.
If any of you have major dumps of missions/tools/source code from old 'retired' sites, I'd happily include them.

This isn't going to be quick, I imagine this will take me months of my 'free' time to compile and sort, but after the fracturing that happened with Descent Underground, I thought it would be a good way to bring the community back together.
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Re: New Archiving project...

Pretty much everything I have is already on Descent Files, which you can download quite easily from. The only things missing are perhaps some of the Descent 3 Sector stuff (but I'm not sure).

Sounds like an interesting project - reminds me of an old Descent site that used to be around back in the day, I forget the name exactly.
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