D3 Sector Makeover

Descent 3 Sector - makeover!

After a few years of collecting dust on the server, I finally decided to update Descent 3 Sector with a brand spanking new template and all new content to boot! Descent 3 Sector now not only stocks Sectorgame's in-house levels and projects - but also that of the entire community! I am currently in the progress of uploading Descent 3 content to our download section - A painstaking 1 file at a time process - But I will get it done! In the meantime, feel free to browse our site and check for errors and missing links/files that we should have. You can use the shoutbox on the right side of the page to leave quick comments!

How to submit content

Descent 3 Sector is fully featured with a gallery and download database. If you have screenshots you wish to add to our gallery, simply click the 'Upload New' button under the gallery heading and you can send up to five pictures at a time. Note that they will not be added straight away - And you don't need to select a category, I will do that for you. :)

To add files to our download database you will need to register in the User Area. Once registered you can upload as many Descent 3 related items as you like. Right now I am in the process of uploading Multiplayer levels to the server - It will need some time - But once that is done and you still can't find certain levels on our server (in particular more recent releases) then either send it in or let me know.

Check out the site here: http://www.sectorgame.com/d3/index.php
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