Announcement: Army of Haloon - The Secret Prototype

The team "Army Of Haloon" is excited to announce the availability of a new single-player and co-op mission for Descent 3.

"Army Of Haloon: The Prototype" is full of annoying bots in an epic, humourous story revolving around Materal Defender 1032 and his newfound enemies/employers.

Although "Army Of Haloon: The Prototype" only constitutes the first five levels of the adventure, it's the third biggest singleplayer levelset ever created for Descent 3 - right behind Descent 3 Retribution and Descent 3 Mercenary.
By completing "Army Of Haloon: The Prototype" you will dive into many hours of single-player fun in the mines while listening to an amazing and complete new set of Descent II style music, specifically composed for this mission.

Get your joy, keyboard, mouse, and pilot seat ready, then buckle up and Prepare for Jump and Descent...

And without further ado, a download link for Army Of Haloon: The Prototype

You can download the mission from here: ... otype.html

Official discussion board for "Army Of Haloon: The Prototype"

The official discussion forum for "Army Of Haloon: The Prototype" is here: ... aloon.html

Read on for credits:

Army of Haloon: The Secret Prototype Credits:

Project Coordinator: Thomas

Level 1: Alpha Lyrae Research Facility: Original idea - Duper

Level Design - Almost Everyone

Music: Intro - Rv Dextron

'Demolition - original version' Excerpt - Vertigo Fox

'Beatdown' - Vertigo Fox

Level 2: Army of Haloon:

Level Design - Thomas, Mzero

Music: Intro - Aenn Seidhe Priest

'Infiltration' - Vertigo Fox

'Deus Ex Machina remix' - Vertigo Fox

Level 3: Red Valley:

Level Design - Mostly Thomas, Pete, and Shroudeye

Music - 'Infiltration original version' excerpt - Vertigo Fox

'Manacore' - Vertigo Fox

'Smoke Jungle' - Vertigo Fox

Level 4: BlueWater:

Level Design - Mzero, Thomas

Music: 'The Web - Part I' - Vertigo Fox

'Winding Back' - Vertigo Fox

'Antigrav' - Vertigo Fox

Level 5: Varuna:

Level Design - VEX-Boogie

Music: Intro - Vertigo Fox

'Snow Jungle' - Vertigo Fox

'Into the Deep' - Vertigo Fox
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