Basewars Night is Back

Seeing as I have access to our original UK server right now, I am going to be running some Basewars events this month. If you have time, come along :) The servers will be up for these times regardless of who can play.

Dates: 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th of August
Time: 630pm EST (1130pm BST)
Meeting Place: Gamesurge IRC (Descent3/Sectorgame channels)

We could even have a competition... :P
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Hm.. system specs aren't really an issue, bandwith is. It has about 40mbit of bandwidth (10mbit up). Stand alone Basewars usess about the same amount of bandwidth as a 3 player co-op game so you don't need an uber connection to run one. Basewars should be run via a private game launched ingame - it runs better - but failing that, a non modified dedicated server is also ok (make sure everything is allowed).

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