Descent 4 OST

Made in 2001 for the Orbital Design Studio Descent 4 project, this particular OST was a work in progress that showed promise. Thanks to his hit score for 'Reactor Gamma', there are but few Descent pilots unfamiliar with Cougar's music. The album includes a total of 14 tracks, plus two bonus tracks including 'One Way Ticket' which was publicly released on the ODS forums. The majority of the other tracks were never made public by Cougar and have been stored on my hard drive for many years. These are in OGG format, not mp3 so be sure you can play those. Track listing as follows:
  • Hogbert 1
    Westbridge Complex
    Charon Plains
    Core 3
    Infinite Abyss
    Beta Ceti Salvage
    War Machine
    Jack Knife
    One Way Ticket
** Download Here **
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Downloading, will listen when it is not five in the morning and I've gotten some sleep. [/groggy]


Whoops! Didn't mean to sound all uninterested there! :wink:
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Ooh, I didn't know there were more of these...the intent to download has been made, now must download! :D
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I already have these lying around for some reason, but I have no idea where I snagged them from. There's some good stuff in here.
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Cougar wouldn't happen to be Luke Schneider of D2 Entropy Experiment fame would he? I've noticed a lot of similarities here to his music from those missions especially in the percussion, use of piano, moogish leads, etc.

EDIT: No wait he couldn't be, Luke Schneider had a different alias from what I know.
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