There's like three different versions of the same game (for all three Descents) in there. :o
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Wow o_0 Reading the topic I thought I was just gonna be some collection of 1-3 and the PS game. Boy was I wrong.

That's impressive. Somewhat frightening, but impressive nonetheless. Can't think of many other games will that much material and history to them (except star wars, there's a billion things for that :P) (and maybe halo, but whole cares about halo?)

There's one or two people in the Myst community who have collections of even larger size, given all of the ancillary material that five or six games over 15-20 years pile up. I never thought of Descent having this many collectibles, though.

And last time I checked, several million people care about Halo. :P
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I'm happy to have D1\2\3 all for PC and the PS1 version of D1, but that's quite a collection.
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Hi all :) Thank you so much for your replies, really they do me alot of credit ;)

That is my collection :) @ Interplay I go under the nickname Obi-Wan Kenobi on otherplaces like DXX-rebirth & ODF I go under the name Gold Leader.

This collection did cost me a few years to build up, it is also the largest collection as the variaity of Descent games go in the world.

I also got some good news, the people of Interplay advised me to go to the Guiness World Records website and write a claim, since they believe it's the largest Descent collection their eyes have seen, so I was like hey why not :)

to read my claim go here:
http://www.interplay.com/forums/viewtop ... 523#p10523

From there on I recieved an email back that my claim has been saved to their data files and that my Agreement also has passed and from now on I have to wait between 4 and 6 weeks if my collection will be listed there, they did admit it's the first of it's kind they have seen from this type of game and they seemed very interested as well :)

I will keep you all informed as this progresses :)

And thank you all again for making atopic about this, it's also something that wonders me, I hope to make alot of publicity for the Descent & Freespace series it may trigger Interplay to make a Descent 4 and Freespace 3 ;)

oh that's an old pic you posted here's a refreshment, it has kinda grown bigger hehe ;)


Also I have completed every album in my Descent Collection gallery, each item has been photographed separately, so here's the album, each sub album contains each Descent series separately.
http://www.3dfx.ch/gallery/v/3dfx_colle ... =xc8f7da9f

Here's a Video I made of the entire collection of the games only ;)

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Well some Freespace items arrived today I have updated the gallery :)
http://www.3dfx.ch/gallery/v/3dfx_colle ... l/Desfree/

So here a pair of shots of all my 10 Freespace games to show you what this mini Descent Freespace gallery holds 8-)


From Left to right starting top row:

Descent Freespace: The Great War USA Boxed
Descent Freespace: Silent Threat USA Sealed [extremely rare if Sealed]
Freespace 2 USA Boxed
Freespace 2 Traditional Chineese Sealed [very rare]
Freespace2: Colosus Demo Disc OEM
Conflict Freespace: The Great War EUR Boxed [Very rare]
Conflict Freespace: Battle Pack EUR Boxed
Freespace 2 EUR Boxed
Descent Freespace The great war + Descent Freespace Silent Threat USA Combo Jewel Pack
Conflict Freespace - The Great War - Dealer Demonstration Kit [Extremely rare]


Later this week I will make a new Entire Descent Collection shot with these 10 with it.

The Entire gallery can be seen here of all Descent & Freespace games:
http://www.3dfx.ch/gallery/v/3dfx_colle ... t/Desccol/
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