Re: Descent 3 source release

This is really exciting. It's a shame it took this long, but it happened. In the Descent Dev Discord(zico's old server for Dxx-Rebirth), they're working on improvements. I think they've already sorted out proper aspect ratio handling.
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Re: Descent 3 source release

Yeah, it opens up prospects for a lot of new features, such as:

* Highres textures
* Higher poly models (and higher engine limits)
* Better audio quality
* Improved menu/map system
* Getting rid of crashes and performance issues
* New level editor

And so much more...

But it is very late, would've been nice 15 or even 10 years ago.. D3 felt really dead recently. I was really keen to finish off those level projects a few years ago because it felt like there was still a sprinkling of interest, which I succeeded in doing, but I never went any further with anything else because D3 was COMPLETELY dead and my own passion could only carry it so far.

SaladBurger did spark D3 back to life with InjectD3, so we'll see how it goes with this source release and the potential for a new port.
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