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Here is the first part of the 'unreleased content' series, where I post previews (screens, sounds etc) of the work that was completed on levels and mods for Descent 3 that were never completed.

First up is 'Omens', a stand alone singleplayer level. It was supposed to set in a top-secret government facility that took a turn for the worse after being infected by drones. This level was intended to have tie-ins to the Hyperspace universe, but the level itself would be set completely underground. It would have featured customized robots and a unique dark atmosphere, based around the 'Asteroid facility' featured in the Basewars set. The idea was conceived in 2008 and the content partially constructed in 2010 and 2011. I intended to revisit this idea at some point, but kinda lost interest and wasn't too happy with the proposed level layout.

These are wireframes of the rooms that were designed. Out of a possible total 50 rooms, about half of them were completed (untextured).

Part of the starting area. You come in through a busted vent at the side to enter the facility.
A standard hallway with a broken floor panel.
A small hangar that you could access through a breach in the floor.
A small landing bay (for transports etc) that connects to various other hangars.
An airlock connecting the hangar to the secure part of the facility.
A standard meeting point.
A larger hangar for bigger ships to land (an outer door lead to the terrain)
A four-way connection room.
A small industrial area.
A server room with display screens.
An observation deck that overlooked engineering.
One of many small secret rooms with supplies.
One of two cargo bays which had several connections to smaller cargo rooms.
One of two engineering rooms which had a connection to a reactor, upper and lower levels.
A reactor beneath engineering (not a final reactor or anything like that)
A damage control room that connected at the bottom of the reactors.
The sub-marine bay.
The sub-marine bay with a transport-sub docked.
Inside the transport sub.
A long hallway of death.
A long cave of death.
Another connection-room with 5 exits.
Part of a large cave-area with a suspended bridge.

And that's where I stopped. There are a number of room variations (such as a destroyed engineering) and a selection of junctions and hallways connected these rooms together, but I won't bother posting those as they are pretty generic.
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