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I recently re-binged the series as well... I was stuck at the airport for half a day after accompanying my boss to check out some property in Ayia Napa for the company to invest in, but he had boarded another plane as he was going to another airport, so I was alone... close to a WiFi spot. I almost missed the plane when it finally took off 6 hours later than expected... and I finished the series when I was back home.
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Re: The random Babylon 5 vomiting thread

Oh, that makes much more sense. B5 is a difficult series to binge to be honest, I mean, I've done it myself but the problem with binging - like anything in life - is you don't get the chance to let the details sink in. As a result I've tried to slow down my binging habits these days and only selectively watch shows every week, as opposed to all at once. 6 weeks is fairly reasonable though.
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Re: The random Babylon 5 vomiting thread

I think the original B5 is easier to watch as a binge than it would have been catching an episode a week or whatever on TV.
I can understand why it was such a big risk running such long story arcs - I never did see the Vorlon reveal back then and just assumed the show was stringing us along. I think I missed the B4 episode in series 3 too.

Come to think of it, I missed most of the good stuff originally. I assumed it was done at the end of series 3 and stopped watching, just as it got really good.

Re: The random Babylon 5 vomiting thread

Yeah, B5 was one of those shows that took serialized storytelling to the next level, but at a time when TV networks were not interested in anything other than bottle shows. Heck, even by the time Crusade came along the airing order and time slots were all over the place. Remember when Crusade aired on Channel 4 in the UK? They put it on at like 1am in the morning..

These days it's completely different, you've got channels left right and center with all-day line ups of sci-fi programming.

I think the first show that I managed to watch from start to finish on the BBC was Farscape - even episodes I missed, I MADE sure I recorded them in advance. So it's not like it was impossible to keep up with shows back then, you just had to put a little effort in. And when it came to sci-fi, I always went the extra mile to obtain it!
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