Windows 10 mail app

So I've been tinkering with my dads laptop for a few weeks, and this windows mail app is complete garbage - It's broken down entirely once, and the only solution was a complete re-installation of Win10. We tried everything under the sun to fix the damn thing, but it refused to launch so the system was reset. Now, after a few weeks, the damn thing is starting to show signs of breaking again - new mails are not being downloaded properly, and sometimes it doesn't refresh the inbox at all until you restart the app. Now I've told him to use Thunderbird instead, but he just keeps ignoring my advice because he usually believes everything that breaks on a computer is my fault. He does insist on using these pre-built computers with bloatware galore (a Dell system) and insists that everything is fine with those, despite slowing down the system to a crawl at times.

I'll have to get back to this later...

/rant pauses
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