Re: Sick on Christmas

Seafood is meat.
Well, if you wish to be so precise, I am not a huge fan of meat from land animals, two or four legged ;)
I gave that line 20 minutes of research just to confirm scientifically that seafood is meat :)

Fish and chips? I haven't had any for a long time :) I know it's not exactly a healthy choice but it's so yummy!
There's a great place I used to go to irregularly to get deep fried fish and crispy golden chips from.. hmm =P~ and all wrapped in butchers paper - the smell.

All this talk about food. ::cry: I wish I knew how to cook some of the foods my parents, grand parents and aunt used to cook oh so many years ago.

Re: Sick on Christmas

It's so much easier with a microwave though! Whip out a bag of ready made soup and bung it in the electromagnetic zapping box. Out comes your steaming hot, skin melting soup.

I do some basic cooking using actual ingredients (read: vegetables) but usually I don't have all the necessities to make a decent broth or decent culinary experience, so I just end up with a plate full of vegetables and some meat. Then ofcourse, there is the more basic stuff like a stir fry, pasta or anything involving bacon.. Those are pretty easy to whip up.

You just gotta experiment really and make sure you don't let food go to waste, as is often the case when dealing with fresh ingredients.
The Expanse. Watch it!
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