Re: Star Trek Discovery (some spoilers)

Discovery seems to be clinging on. The latest episode was OK, the throwback to TOS was a nice touch. But the whole show just feels like a mess still - they keep throwing things at the camera hoping something will stick. The science is all over the place, the characters aren't likeable at all, the lens flares are approaching JJ Trek levels and the story is nothing to write home about. It's like the Rick and Morty of Star Trek, just without the intelligent humour. I just wish the damn show wasn't a prequel, it would be much more acceptable as a post-24th century show.

The Orville has certainly had a strong season, and the two-parter was pretty amazing. The show definitely has that TNG vibe going, and that's great. I've really missed that. Stargate was also a bit like that. But I fear they are rehashing a little too many ideas at times, almost word for word in some cases.
The Expanse. Watch it!
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