Star Trek Discovery (some spoilers)

The first trailer is up. Production quality looks good, can't really tell much about the storyline.
The dialogue is very clunky and poorly delivered - But that could be the fault of the trailer.
Overall I am 50/50 on this. Not that excited, but not overly disappointed... Just 'meh..'

The Netflix trailer sucks :
I can't believe they created that. The CBS one is better, but it's geo-blocked to USA only (way to go there, global internet)

There are a few copies floating around, such as this one:
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Re: Star Trek Discovery

Yeah, it was pretty good. I found Michael Fassbender's performance chilling. The Xenomorph parts were just 'meh'. I wasn't entirely happy with all the unanswered questions
Was that the Engineer homeworld? If so, why was it so small and primitive? Why did they look so different from what we've seen before? What happened to the giant floating docking platform? Etc
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Re: Star Trek Discovery

It wasn't the engineer homeworld. A new interview with Ridley Scott I believe covers some of the story in the next movie, which mentions the engineers coming back to see what happened to this planet... so that means its not their homeworld.. not sure if confirmed tho...

Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

I've been watching them both. So far, my reaction to the Orville is... Egghh... It feels like some of the lightweight episodes of SG-1, so I'm all for that. But I would like to see some more original ideas and less re-hashed Star Trek episodes. As for Discovery... I'm still on the shelf to be honest. It reminds me of The Expanse in some ways. I didn't much care for the prologue or the first episode (on board Discovery) but the latest one was a marked improvement.

I really don't like what they've done with the Klingon language, and the Klingons themselves are so radically different to the point they might aswell just be a new race. The whole show just feels like it would have been so much better if they had set it 100, 200 years after the TNG/DS9/VOY era, especially given the look and feel of the show is so much more advanced than what we had. Enterprise at least pulled off the 'prequelness' a lot better. Discovery is just......
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Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

Not sure whats running through the minds of Paramount execs, story/script writers, and producers but TOS is dead, TNG is dead, DS9 is dead, VOY is dead, ENT is dead, Kirk is dead, everything set in the past in Trek is DEAD. I think the whole point of Trek was to envision a 'future' themed by the present fashion - why can't they do this :? A futuristic Trek with the CG we have today implementing 'some' of the characteristics of Star Trek would be so much better. Plenty of good stories out there to be told too :nod:

Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

I blame liberal extremists. They've ruined everything that was good about TV and games. :P Well... not EVERYTHING. I'm something of a small liberal myself having grown up on heavy doses of Trek but something is strange in the Kingdom of Denmark here.

But Discovery is heading for a train wreck - The most recent episode (Lathe, Lethe.. Leaf?) with the mind meld nonsense had some terrible dialogue, editing and pacing. I can't recall many Star Trek episodes where my focus wandered, but this was one of them. The only redeeming quality of this show is the visuals - fantastic for a TV budget. Sound and music design however leave a lot to be desired.

This carriage is getting wobbly, better jump quick before we crash!
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Re: Star Trek Discovery

Following up.. the Mudd episode was pretty good. I mean, it had some gaping plot holes (why didn't they arrest him at the end and throw him in jail?) and TNG did it better with 'Cause and Effect' but at least this week we got an episode that didn't feel out of place in Trek. Except for the hip-hop.
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