Been a few years...

A few years ago I joined the community and with some help I created and uploaded the Star Wars Mod pack on FS2 Sector. I left for personal reasons, I didn't have a computer because it was severely damaged in a moving truck. So, it wasn't until recently that I managed to build a new computer. Btw, I'm aware that my Star Wars Mod pack is incompatible with the newest MediaVPS, it has errors with no secondaries... I don't know if I can update it and I don't think it's really worth it now anyway. After almost being gone for 3 years, I decided that I'll just leave it the way it is. It's still playable if you go into debugger. Anyway, after 3 years of highs and lows, mostly lows, I'm back and I'm doing better nowadays, much better. I installed FS2:O again and instead of playing it, I went straight into modding... I have more fun with that than playing the game... I'm typing this thread for two reasons, one, to let everyone know I'm back and I'm okay. And two, I'm looking for a modeler, does anyone know where I can find one or where I should post instead? Because I tried modeling but I'm not any good at it. I need someone with more modeling experience than me...

I need a modeler for a mod pack I'm working on, so it's not a personal request thing. I mean models for a public release, I'll have to ask Hunter to help me upload another large file... It's not substantial either, I need a collaboration of 5 models. The story is in place, the concepts are in place. I don't know how to texture either... Even if you don't texture, I'll try to do it, if I can figure it out.

Re: Been a few years...

Any gaming related website. There are a few exceptions. We do allow FTP accounts for people who need to store some personal documents, but no more than say, 50MB. If you have a project related to Freespace, Descent or any game and want it hosted - Then you'll get much more space. Frankly, we prefer websites as opposed to just a place to store your project files.
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