Wow.. I am sorry.

I had left the Descent community for a while as I went to do other things, play other games, etc. though every now and then I'd find myself dropping back in. But I had forgotten this place for some time. I was kind of glad I did, solely because of many of the things I've done here, many of which terrify me.

As a 20 year old today, it is painful to have to look at my old posts and see how much of a brat I was 6 years or so ago.

It is so painful, I have to apologize for putting this forum through it all of these years later.

I do not have much to say and cannot find much to say, but what I do know is that I am sorry. :(

Re: Wow.. I am sorry.

Don't worry; we all can be brats from time to time. Also, regardless of age. I can be quite a bit too and I'll be 30 soon. Also, I'm sure there are much worse out there, plus it was the past. So I wouldn't worry too much. And I do know how it feels to wish I never said or did something.

Re: Wow.. I am sorry.

Hey! Its an Enzo! Don't sweat your past, dude. Just prove that you're more grown up now, and we'll call it even.
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Re: Wow.. I am sorry.

Well for the record, I hear that from my wife every once in a while.. She deals with my childness in a better manner. Oh by the way have I said I`m 57 years old, ooopppsss!!
Yes we can be that way at any age, I guess. Just ask my wife.
(edit) She even calls me her kid, when were out shopping. :badgrin:
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