Re: Wow.. I am sorry.

Ah, where are all the smilies :) I must be in the quick reply box. :(
Yes, I was surpried to see I was sitll registered. I do not post much, I know.
The holidays give me a few days away from work to explore the forums, and see whats going on.

Uumm, my wife has a really bad cold, she was running a fever of 103.8 this morning, may be flu related.
It`s come down some now, only 101.3. I hope she gets better soon.
It hasen`t affected me yet, I feel fine, I hope it stays that way though..

(edit) Ah, there they are :D :). And I agree with Hunter. :badgrin:
Who am I? Take 3 guesses, and the first 2 don`t count.
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