Which is the most awesome (real) sword?

Total votes: 3 (30%)
Ninjaken / Ninjato (No votes)
Double-edged straight sword (like Excalibur ^^)
Total votes: 1 (10%)
Double-edged straight sword (rapier or something fast)
Total votes: 1 (10%)
Butterfly swords (No votes)
Total votes: 1 (10%)
Other (please specify)
Total votes: 4 (40%)
Total votes: 10

Re: best sword!

I voted Katana, partly because I've always liked the sound of the word, it's almost onomatopoeic.

Personally, I trained with the Bow and it will always remain my favourite pre-20th century weapon, but it's not a sword :D
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Re: best sword!

How about a rapid-fire explosive-shelled shotgun wth a katana blade on the end and a small electric gun, laser gun, and flame thrower built into the sides, bottom or top. Kind of like how a Swiss army knife or a smartphone can do a lot and is compartmentalized. Easier said than done though.

Re: best sword!

Neither is a root canal...
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