??? We need a wtf smilie here badly. I mean, Star Trek. I remember seeing First Contact for the first time. When in the end Cochrane finally met the Vulcans I was like... meh... these are aliens. I couldn't even see the pointy ears.

Star Trek aliens suck... I mean you create a new species by giving them a slight deformity and a personality quirk. Pointy ears and logic? Vulcans! Ridged forehead and a quick temper? Klingons! It's pathetic, really.

Not that Star Wars is much better, as far as humanoids go. You can see more biodiversity at the Jersey Shore than in most sci-fi universes.
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One nice thing about SG1 is that they don`t introduce a new species every episode. In fact it's probably closer to a couple of species every season!

However all of the Sci-fi I can think of suffer from having very human like aliens. I know it's mostly to keep the costs down but just once I want to see a show where the only humanoids are humans and everything else is very different.
I dunno, the first season pretty much went one-species-per-episode.
Nope. Nothing of the sort. We did see lots of alien technology from unknown races and lots of different human planets but not many aliens races were actually seen. Haviong a quick look at an episode guide and all I can see in series 1 are the Asgard, Nox and the crystal creatures from "Cold Lazarus". I might have missed a couple but basically most of the "aliens" were in fact humans transplanted by the gou' uld

Compare that with Star Trek and it's "alien of the week" syndrome where they introduce a new alien almost every week that is never heard of again.
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No kidding, more so with Enterprise than anything. I MISS Deep Space Nine. It was the only Trek show that held TRUE to its principle - People complained DS9 was "standing still", but after seven years it covered more aspects of what Trek is all about, and not to mention had all the action to boot with it - That pushed it ahead of Voyager, Enterprise, and close to TNG if not better at some points - Even TNG didn't have dark characters like that !
The Expanse. Watch it!

yea, DS9 is the best. they're currently re-running the show on dutch TV, and i still love it.

aside from that, i think the best alien species in all franchises is:
the founders or shapeshifters, from DS9.they're completely non-humanoid, and have a somewhat different character compared to humans.
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