The Community Down Thread

Freespace Sites

Hard Light

Current Status: UP


Current Status: UHHH?

Hades Combine

Current Status: DELETED


Current Status: UP

Descent Sites

DescentBB (.net)

Current Status: UP

DescentBB (.com)

Current Status: UP

Planet Descent (.net)

Current Status: UP

Game Edit

Current Status: UP

Descent Forum (.de)

Current Status: UP
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The Expanse. Watch it!

Nor me. Just gives me the virtual flip-off that is the 'cannot be displayed' page.
"Blackmail's such an ugly word. I prefer extortion. The X makes it sound cool." - Bender

Okay, let's look at out options. Either this is a huge conspiracy hatched by anti-Freespace'ers that goes up to the highest levels of power, several disgruntled factions of WC & DS fangroups forming an alliance to begin a grand crusade to annihilate the Freespace community in its entirety, or some chubby bloke who spilled his slushie on the server?

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