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I need to quickly convert 4 350mb MPG files to a single DVD - Is it possible, what tool, etc? I have the complete Nero package, but some of the tools seem stuck in another language, and it refuses to switch to English or anything I can read. Ty! :? :)
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I think Nero will do it, depending on the encoding type. I'm not at home justnow, though, so I can't check it.

Although, some DVD players can play MPG data files without needing any conversion, etc, to DVD format; have you tried that atall?

Sadly not, since it's for my uncle - He's not very good with DVD players, and I'm pretty sure his can't play MPG files anyway. Even if it could, he wouldn't know how to do it anymore (being on many tablets for cancer).

But it doesn't matter anyhow - I need to download 1.1GB in a space of 3 hours, which I think is highly unlikely on a torrent system. Damnit! You see, I've been copying my DS9 DVD collection, but Disc one of Season 6 is totally fucked, so I'm trying to find to download them...
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It's ok, I didn't need it afterall. Nero can do it, I just need to nuke my copy to get it to change the default language.
The Expanse. Watch it!
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