Today I made a few changes to the framework of the forum, including the modification and deletion of several groups.

The following usergroups were deleted because they are either no longer used or redundant.

[*]Freespace Conflict Zone
[*]Freespace Atmospheric
[*]Project Pavillion
[*]End War
[*]Apocalypse 3
[*]The 2nd Coming
[*]Lost Souls
[*]Hidden Terror
[*]Flames of War
[*]Freespace 3rd Age
[*]All Hands to War
[*]TI Testers
[*]Gallery Group

People that had access to the Internal sections of these groups will no longer be able to view those. If you'd still like access to somewhere in particular, make a request. The Gallery usergroup has been disbanded, and from now on all registered users will have access to the gallery including the rights to upload pictures there, with the exception of personalized albums.

The following groups have been assigned to a single usergroup, known as 'Sectorgame's Privates'

[*]Dark Sector
[*]Saucy Sector

Dark Sector and Saucy Sector now share the same usergroup as Rants, and subsequent permissions have been combined. In addition, the Wisenuts Den has been disbanded and the posts contained within have been merged into the Rants forum. Hippo still remains the sole moderator of the private usergroup memberlist.

The following changes were made to the configuration of the forum:

[*]The 'friend or foe' system has been disabled.
[*]All databases have been re-indexed.
[*]User registration is now set to admin approval.
[*]Guest searching has been disabled entirely.
[*]Robots can now only view some public threads.
[*]Mini Chat has been reduced in size slightly.
[*]The 3 post limit for access to the attachments & gallery has been removed, now all users can use these features.
[*]Guests remain unable to view any image or attachment.
[*]To reduce load times, 'who is online' information has been restricted.
[*]Thumbnail size has been increased in the gallery.
[*]Forums now list 10 topics instead of 15.

More updates to come soon.
The Expanse. Watch it!

Re: Updates

Well, it doesn't get used as much anymore. There is still a mini chat link you can use for an actual real time discussion. I'm also compacting things to reduce cpu load.
The Expanse. Watch it!
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