Just make minor changes to the current forum
Total votes: 4 (100%)
Change the layout, but don't change software (No votes)
Change everything (No votes)
I'm not bothered either way (No votes)
Total votes: 4


I've been thinking about overhauling the forum recently, as it may (or may not) be due one. Although our forum uses fairly old software at it's core, several enhancements and security fixes/patches have been made over the past few years along with visual improvements to offer the most flexibility for the userbase. We've also got a decent template compared to the old restrictive one pre 2006. And ofcourse, before 2003 we used Ikonboard - Which was when Sectorgame didn't exist, and it was just a FreeSpace forum with a blue theme. I was wondering what people would think if we changed the software again, or at the least the layout. It's now possible to port the database to most popular forum softwares. We could changed to vBulletin, SMF, etc. I've also thought about integrating the forum into F2S or a possible Sectorgame portal. Vote away.
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I don't really see that any major changes are necessary. What we have now works just fine as far as I'm concerned.
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I like it the way that it is. Strike-through tags ([s][/s]) would be nice, though.
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Depends on what you're changing to. I'd love to see SMF's ability to pop in and read a few posts without having ell the other new replies expire. That one change would make a software upgrade worth it and would definitely increase the number of times I'd come here a day as I could just pop in to see if anyone replied to one topic I was following without having to read everything.
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