HARD crashes with FS2 exclusively (FSO)

I'm getting these weird hard crashes on FSO (Linux build) while playing FS2. I load up a mission, play it for a few minutes, then the whole system freezes. I have to issue a fallback command (on Mint that's CTRL-ALT-F7) to get back into my desktop, BUT only software rendering works so I have to reboot anyway before attempting to play again. I've not found any pattern, it seems completely random. Sometimes it happens within a minute, sometimes after 2-3 minutes. Even during the tutorials it does this.

The strange thing is, I just completed FS1 with the FSPORT (+media VPS) and didn't experience a single crash once. Why would only FS2 crash when they both essentially use the same engine? So far I have found nothing of any use, but I will try debugging. The only thing of note is an error about shadows in the log. I haven't fiddled much with command lines yet, but that's next to try. Any pointers for the obvious candidates? This is a freshly installed copy of FSO using Knossos, on a relatively new setup, so I can't really comment to the functionality of FSO previously as that would've been on an entirely different setup. I've only used the installer previously.

Messing with graphic drivers is not an option, at least not until a final resort. I had some major issues messing around with MESA/amdgpu recently and basically bricked my installation leading to a day of headaches, so I won't be fiddling with that again anytime soon.
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