How to get rid of this line?

I've noticed this before in some games, but I can never figure out how to get rid of it. There is a tiny line at the bottom of the screen, it usually appears in full screen mode. I've zoomed out to make it visible in this picture:
Any ideas?
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Re: How to get rid of this line?

1. Yes. Well, I don't play many games, so it'd be hard to say. OpenGL seems to be the connection.
2. No idea. I just installed FSOPEN in prep for the longplay. I can't say I noticed this in the past.
3. That's not how drivers work on Linux
4. Possibly, I've heard tales. But I think it was mostly imagination.
5. Linux Mint Tina.

The only way to fix it that I noticed, was to switch resolutions (to a lower one) and then that 'line' was gone. But upon restoring the desktop resolution (1920x1080) it returned. I'm guessing it might be to do with the way OpenGL is handled- I saw this in Quake 2 recently too. This might be a problem unique to Linux gamers. I even swapped out a Geforce for a Radeon and the problem persists!
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