The Aftermath Project: Feedback

To my fellow fans,

This is where you put in your comments and feed back and I will certainly appreciate your thoughts regarding The Aftermath Project especially any bugs you happen to encounter and recommendations. This section will the basis of updates in the future. Game on.

Re: The Aftermath Project: Feedback

Okay, hi. I'm The E. Source Code Project member and member of the Blue Planet Team.

First of all, congratulations on bringing this project to completion. Finishing a campaign is never easy, and anyone who does make it through that process has to be commended for having the necessary fortitude.

That being said though, I do have a slight issue. Unfortunately, we've released massive updates to both Age of Aquarius and War In Heaven; this may have had the sideeffect of making your mod impossible to load. There are several debug warnings produced by the builds necessary to run the most recent BP (that you didn't catch them is not your fault; these are new warnings and checks SCP has put in recently), some pertaining to an ill-formatted sounds.tbl, others regarding missing weapons (Subach HL-9 and Prom X, for example).
The first mission itself is unable to start due to changed subsystem names on some ships.
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Re: The Aftermath Project: Feedback

To The E,

Ok now, that is something. Thanks for informing me, appreciate it. So I just have to make another update. With your permission, I might take apart some of the scripts and modules from the Blue Planet mods that Aftermath is dependent on (Actually, there isn't that much. Just the main hall, loading screens, the music, and some of the scripts and tables). I may have to put them in a separate VP so that it will be standalone. Of course, we still need the old MediaVPs_3612. I tested the project with the new 5.5g and FS2_Open_3_6_14 and it runs. The Blue Planet mods that I have is still the first released version. I'll get to work on it as soon as possible. For those who has the original Blue Planet mods, the project will work for them. Thank you very much.

Herkie :D
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