Re: Have a look at this.

And for those who are wondering:

- Yes, I came up with this alien language, with (so far) relatively coherent grammar and its own alphabet.
- No, the alphabet isn't a cypher for English or any other Earth language. It's phonetic.
- Yes, I have far too much time on my hands. This map in particular came as a result of taking far too much ADHD medicine at once.
- Yes, there is an English version of the map, which I'll be posting in my subforum in a few days. I just feel like confusing you all first. :mrgreen:

Re: Have a look at this.

Looks like a combination of Korean, mathamatical/scientific symbols, spaceships or futuristic devices, and an alien head with antenne. Also, maybe katakana, but I can't remember how much difference between the appearance of katakana and hiragana.

Re: Have a look at this.

A few clues to help anyone who's actually interested in transliterating this:

1) The filename's written in big bold letters on the map.
2) Rolled R counts as a different letter from normal R. Same with L/Ll, and with P and overdone P.
3) Two letters should look familiar. (Plus a third if you know how to read Cyrillic.)

Re: Have a look at this.

There are several Terran loanwords on the nodemap, or in the legend. Whoever can pick all 7 of them out gets a cookie. (Four are English, two are Greek, and one is Finnish.)

(Edit: Changed my mind. You don't get to look at the alphabet just yet -- I want to see if anyone can pick out anything without it first.)

(Edit 2: Screw it.)
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