Here's the list of files for the latest FSO

Heres a list of the packaged and compressed files I download this morning. I'm also going to download a new copy of the original Freespace retail version which they told me could be patched with normal retail patches. Did I miss anything? And how many retail ver. patches are out there, and where?
HashTab v4.0.0

Re: Here's the list of files for the latest FSO

Yeah, you missed a lot. I never seen or Hashtab v4.0.0 before. Here: ... ic=70736.0

You still should download the music, effects, effects update, assets, assets update, advanced, animglows, and radaricons vps if you want to take full advantage of FSO. Also, I recommend always downloading the most recent nightly build here:

The original 3.6.12 build is out of date by almost a year and lacks certain bug fixes, graphical features, performance optimization, and support for other things, including the absence of the updated ai code. I don't even know if the original 3.6.12 build will work with the update vps. Also, a long time ago, I read on the HLP forum somewhere that if your processor supports SSE2, you should download the SSE2 version of the build because it runs faster. I think I read that all newer processors support it. Newer meaning processors from years ago, but post-Pentium III, or maybe it was post-Pentium 4 (pretty old in computer terms).

Re: Here's the list of files for the latest FSO

HashTab is merely an encryption utility, and provides a dll extension that allows various versions to play together, or so I'm told. Also, according to what I read on the FSO site, the latest release is suposed to include all files, even those meant for Cray heavy metal running linux! And SSE2 provides updated comiler instructions usefull now in math and graphics applications. Even if you have a good machine not every processor takes advantage of every one of these these instructions. Use CPU-Z.exe freeware to take a hard look at your system, see if you can take advantage of SSE2 and get all your specs. I'll send you a txt copy of my report from this mornng, as a zip attachment to my reply and you'll quikly see how usefull it can be! I'll look for these other files and re-install everything once again. then report back to this thread should I have any additional problems. It probably not happen until the wee hours of the morning though. I have to get some real work done if I'm going to pay the rent here! Again, thanx for all you're help and future advise!
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