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I sent an email to you. You probably shouldn't post your email address for everyone on the net to easily see though. Also, I don't put my age in most profiles (sometimes I might) and I limit the info displayed. I don't even put my family name in facebook and my birthday is restricted to people on my list, which isn't many. But I have no problem telling people my age (28). I told you in my email too. Also, many people emphasize, underestimate, and assume too much based on age. Though it may matter in certain cases, age doesn't always determine knowledge, experience, or wisdom. Everyone has their own experiences, way of thinking, and grow at different levels and speeds, and some make better choices than others regardless of age, in my experience. :wink: Also, in my email, I shared much more knowledge with you. So you will see that I have more historical knowledge than you initially anticipated. In fact, history is interesting. History channel is good too. History about other countries is good too. Of course I, as well as anyone, always has much more to learn.

Even though I have a concerned attitude, sometimes when I get very angry, I think 'just let the humans destroy themselves and each other. The problem will take care of itself. Maybe humanity doesn't deserve to continue'. I have at least 2 sides. Now that may sound bad, but I try to be honest.

On a side note: I don't go contact hunting on facebook and add a bunch of random people like many seem to do. Some have 100's. That's silly. It isn't a game to me. I don't use people or play with their feelings with deceit. So I call them 'contacts' and don't like to use the word 'friend' because that is deceitful in this case. In fact, I think the programmers of facebook should change the word 'friend' to 'contact' since most of the time, they are not friends, and even less likely 'true friends'. The makers of facebook don't seem to know what a friend is. True friends are not disposable like that and the less you got, the more special each one is and the less you have to lose and the less disappointment, headache, or pain you receive. Sadly, friends almost never last forever. I'm a realist, and the saying 'friends are forever' is silly and blind optimism. True friends don't abandon you or move on for little reasons and they like you for you as a person. Sadly, that is rarely the way it ends up happening. So it doesn't really hurt me that I have no close friends. People who have 'too many' get lonely too easily and are weaker, but I can handle less without getting too lonely. Balance is key. Not too many, not too few is ideal if achievable.

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I never go to spcial sites like Facebook. And my info can't lead anyone back to me. My gamer's e-mail account is seperated from other accounts I use for personal and buisness accounts. I took my first computer classes before you were born, these days still doing high level and low level programming. I allow myself no dependancies on commercial security measures. They've all been hacked, and usually befrore the first final release makes it out of the door!
BTW, I did recieve your e-mail and will most likely respond tonight or tomorrow.

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GOG is Polish, incidentally.

The credit card block is a fairly standard thing for fraud protection (if I'm in the US, I need to buy Steam games through an Edinburgh Uni VPN, for example); sometimes it's the site, sometimes it's the card. I think internet transactions are actually more sensitive in this regard, although I knew a few people who'd had their cards cancelled after making purchases on work trips to San Jose.

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I took my first computer classes before you were born
Good for you. Anyways, I learned most of my stuff out of school. Just having a pc, reading online, and using the pc most days. So you used computers before DOS, it seems. DOS isn't user friendly at all. So you must have been using computers before pcs existed. Mainframes perhaps. Anyways, I have nothing to prove, nor should any of us.

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Everyone has something to prove, if only to themselves. It's what drives human endeavour.

Well, that and attracting the opposite sex. (or the same sex)

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WoW! I sure didn't expect that my one line of sarcasam about UK's GOG not taking my card would illicent such a response! I have a Visa as well and never had any problems with foreign companies in the past, but after being turned down by them as well as at least 10 more other outlets whose charges pass through GOG's banking accounts...( charging exactly the same and using a GOG interface customized to make them appear to be different buisnesses )...I began to figure my time was worth more than the $14 differance I finally paid.
This sounds really weird...I've never heard of other third-party sites using GOG's ordering system. Do you happen to remember what those sites were? I'd hate to see someone potentially get scammed.
A.K.A. Mongoose, for you HLP denizens

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I think if you read my response as part of the entire conversation, you would not have reached the conclusion you did. I was not trying to impress or prove myself to anyone. I was simply enforcing myself such that you would understand I'm not a newbie looking for advice on protecting myself. One must be very careful not to give advice before you find out if it is needed or wanted. And the way you do that is by offerring advice first! You took the conversation completely off topic. And the way you did so, along with the very looong and self-ingratiating e-mail you sent me, offers only the conclusion that you are indeed the on trying to prove yourself!
I've been trying to find some way of answering your e-mail, as it appears you are a well read and ntelligent man, but I cannot because with every new sentance you sound even more like a politician trying to gain the hearts of the people AFTER you already lost the election!
Look, I'm not trying to discount any of your personal values, but I didn't come here for that!

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I went off topic because you made a statement about how America is the good guy and always helps. I don't think so and it isn't black and white like that.

Also, I just don't like age discrimination too much, that's all. I'm a little sensitive to that. It's just that many people from the old gen do that and assume too much. If I look at someone younger who happens to be a friendly teen, I will admit that in certain ways, the younger person may be more experienced than me. If someone credits me for having more experience bacause I'm older like a person has, I would say something like 'I don't know, it depends on the area of experience. We all have our own experiences regardless of age' or other things like that. Most old people assume people my age are stupid without knowing anything about the person or even talking to them (even if the younger person didn't show ignorance and doesn't act or dress stupid) and the old people think they are smarter (in all ways) and better than all younger people. It makes many older people look like arrogant asses. I could find ways to pick on them if they pick on me, and I can bring up things that would make them think twice, includng bringing up certain experiences that I had that they might not have had, like growing up with asperger's syndrome and being sent to group homes, or being in a love relationship with a Japanese, and much more. I don't take the old or new gen's side and I see problems with both. I'm not the average new gen or even the average person. If they knew me well, maybe their attitude would change, and that is one major reason I spouted that long email to you. I don't care how old someone is if they make poor choices, have little self discipline, and have a close mind to the rest of the world. That's lack of wisdom. Just knowing stuff or having experience in many things doesn't make someone wise. I've seen many older people not make good choices. That's another thing I can bring up to them. Actually, many old people agree when I bring it up. And also if a person is truly wise, they would realize that appearances can be deceiving. I say 'no thank you' to popularity,

I am not directing that at you, just old people in general. I will try and let it go.

I thought it was possible you might respond about how I demonstrated that I had something to prove, so my answer is the following, though slightly modified from how I imagined I would have responded. First sentence is the response to that:

Sometimes I have something to prove, but I won't go to great lengths, do unsafe things or give into peer pressure, dares, or bets to prove something, like many do, and that wouldn't show self respect.

You don't have to respond to the email. It will save us both a lot of stress and time. Also, I said it wasn't good to post email addresses publicly anyways since anyone anywhere can see it. Anyone could get a hold of your email addresses unless you went back and removed them in your post. That's part of computer security, in which you claim to be knowledgeable about, so I would think you know better than that.

To be honest, I don't care about popularity, or fame, or fortune, like so many do. I don't want it. I'm not here to be liked. I do like conversation. People can dislike me all they want. I won't lose too much sleep over it or lose motivation to live long or get depressed over it, like most would. Not being liked is inevitable in life, as you know. People tend to like those much more who they have much in common with. Also many people like others for the wrong reasons and not like them because of their character and don't truly care about them, and I don't want to be liked for the wrong reasons. So my thinking is the opposite of how a silly typical out of shape politician would think because they care about popularity and other stuff like that. They likely all have some hidden agenda. Also, popularity can be bad if it is with the wrong crowd, plus is almost never lasts for long, and usually when someone is popular, it isn't because they like your personality, but because they want what you got or envy you, usually for material or selfish reasons, and thus the popular person in many cases is a blind puppet that is being used.

Also when posting, it is better to use the quote feature when responding to someone on the forum who posted a couple posts back or some people might misunderstand and think the comment was directed to them.

Anyways, no hard feelings. Let's go back on topic if you need anymore help. :)

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