High-poly GTB Medusa

Hi. It's been at least a good couple years since I've posted here, I think. I remember the last meshes I posted here, ah were they awful. Anyway, here's the new high-poly GTB Medusa mesh I made, VA did the cockpit and added the wires on the engines, and sab0o textured it. It has about 17k triangles.

I've uploaded it as an attachment in .rar format, should include everything it needs. It also has modeled thrusters, and there are some upgraded thruster.anis, here's the file: http://www.mediafire.com/?em91deb6vg302u0

Have fun! Do please note, it's not a 100% finished product, so stuff like the thruster flaps don't move just yet. I'll let you guys know when there are updates.
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Re: High-poly GTB Medusa

I love the modelling quality - absolutely top notch - but I don't like how complicated the design is.

But that's a matter of personal aesthetic taste anyways (i.e. not intended as criticism).

What are peoples opinions on this sort of thing? I started actually moving away from detail towards 'simpler' models lately (of what modelling I've been doing, which is really not much).

Re: High-poly GTB Medusa

In general, I'm actually with you though for different reasons. I like long stretches of unbroken armor plate and a lack of shot traps not merely for aesthetics but because that's really what you should do when designing for strength.
To be honest, those are sort of my reasons, just without perhaps quite so much explicit reasoning over the engineering aspects.

I take - or took - stuff from BSG, which takes its own designs (accounting for the original BSG influences) from real life fighters and soforth, so I sort of tracked along that history and decided my own previous textures etc were far too busy to make sense; even then it's hard for me to go properly minimalist because it almost feels lazy.

But I don't want to sound like I'm criticising this on a modelling, texturing, etc level. There's just a niggle I increasingly have, because it came from my own earlier tendencies, at the level of 'bumpy detail' that gets added to things.

One proper criticism, though. I think the black lines on the plating need a little softening to their edges, at the moment it looks almost cel-shaded to me.

Re: High-poly GTB Medusa

Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to relay that to the texturer. As for the style, aye, I tend to prefer to do more curvy, less detailed designs. I actually was applying curvature to the Medusa but sadly never finished all of it, it's only really present on the bottom of the main hull and the missile pods now.

I'm going to go more minimalistic on my WiP Apollo though, I think.
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Re: High-poly GTB Medusa

I didn't know the Medusa was released until I read the post here, since it isn't released on HLP, but when I downloaded the file from the first post (rar container) it only has the thruster ani files but no Medusa files. Where's the Medusa?
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