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Neat to see that you've fired this one back up again. I have to ask though, why bother with the arcade settings in the flight mode? Starshatter does manage Newtonian flight quite nicely, after all.

By the way, do you also have this project listed under the Starshatter modding forum? I've peeked in there from time to time, and I've never seen all that much activity, let alone for a FS mod.

Re: FreeSpace Online

Newtonian flight rocks, but the ships of Freespace have been designed specifically for the arcade mode and as this is more of a "port" than a complete replanning of the game dynamics, I have a gut feeling that the arcade mode will give out the least amount of unpleasant surprises and bumps in the game balance in the process. I don't want the game dynamics to end up in Elite: Frontier style "jousting runs" between ships, if you know what I mean. :)

Yeah, there is a thread for the Freespace MOD in the Starshatter modding forum, but I haven't updated it that much. However, as I have plans of updating about the project here and there (ssmods), I have also planned of firing up my own forum for the project.

Re: FreeSpace Online

Right, that's fair. And for the record, jousting can be fun. :p

Speaking of modding, I know that the Destroyer Studios site is down, and thus the official SDK is no longer available. Is there a downloadable version of that information somewhere? I've been wanting to put that in my files.
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