i need some help

Every time i try to load and play FS2 on my new machine(windows 7 Gforce 450 intell i-7 processor and 8 gigs of ddr 3 i get the msg that i done have 0 MB of memory and need atlease 32 free to play. any hope getting past this? this is the last cool space flight sim i know of and will hate to see it go by the wayside.

Thanks for any help or even good thoughts
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Are you using FSO and the 3.6.12 version? You might need to post a debug log that is generated under freespace/data. You must extract the debug build into the freespace folder and then select it from the FSO launcher and run it for the log to be generated or updated.

Taken from http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index. ... ic=56279.0

"Freespace has detected that you only have n MB of free memory. Freespace requires at least 32MB of memory to run."

* Most likely you're trying to play retail FS2 with too much RAM ( > 2GB), though this is known to occur with older versions of FSO. Download and use the recommended FSO build.


So if you're not using FSO, download it for many fixes. If you are using the newest FSO, post a debug log as said before.

Normally we would point you at fsoinstaller.com, but the server went down a couple days ago and won't be back up again for a day or two.

It's very annoying. Sorry about the inconvenience.

That's not a full install, but it includes the exe you need - though ONLY if you click the 'mirror' link.

You'll want to get WXLauncher to configure it and the MediaVPs for graphical goodness.
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