Any recommendations on some of the campaigns? Like I vaguely remember Derelict and Warzone were pretty awesome, Cardinal Spear and Aftermath for the port. Any new ones worth the time?

(lol @ BWO STILL not out)

Other campaigns are pretty good too, like Dawn of Sol. Ancient Shivan War was ok, but short for now. I look forward to the new Inferno R1 + R2, more BP, and End War (The main release).

As for where I visit on HLP these days. I mostly visit the FSU, SCP, Inferno, and BP sub-forums; occasionally GenFS and Missions and Campaigns, and almost never GenDisc.

There are a couple interesting topics that I know of in GenFS, including: "AT LAST, THE TRUTH: Volition's Answers to the Shivans, Bosch, and Capella" and "Total size of GTVA armada" among some others.

Yeah I got the FS2 storywriter to reveal his plans for FS3, that was pretty cool.

Dawn of Sol was fuckoff terrible, I'd avoid it.

BWO has basically been hung up on stupid organizational issues. Inferno is the only old school campaign project that shows any signs of life and only because Rampage saved it.

Other good campaigns would be Silent Threat Reborn, Storm Front, and maybe What IF: Another Great War, and perhaps Flames of War. I hear some say they feel "Transcend" and "Sync" are good. I played those, but long ago.

Eh, ST:R with its whole RETAIL COMPATIBILITY thing really doesn't hold up to BP, VD or WoD gameplay wise.

I didn't like it that much. Though that could be attributed to the fact that I've never played the original so I can't truly appreciate how much better it is. Hell, I found what people generally consider to be the "best mission" (He Who Rides the Tiger) absolute s### in terms of design (yes, let's have everything happen 15 minutes into the f#####g mission, and since RETAIL COMPATIBILITY, no checkpoints? f### YOU.)

But yeah, enough of that.

BP, VD and WoD good.
Very good.
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Spoiler code doesn't seem to work.

*SPOILER BELOW* about that ST:R mission. Don't read unless you already know or want to know.
I had a hard time figuring out how to shake off the Shivan. I played it long ago but completely forgot about that part until I played through it again recently. I had to go into the mission file and find out how because I felt it would give me hints or simply tell me. I found it say "Alt" and some other stuff next to the event code that clued me in on how to do it. Press the afterburner button rapidly, it seems. It worked when I did.
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