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Hello everyone. I'd like to take a minute of your time to show a project that me and another member of the community are working. Up until now there have been some screenshots of Dark Storm and possibly some mentions of it. But what is Dark Storm really? What is the project like? Well, I hope to tell you that right here, in this preview.

Dark Storm is a two-man project, started off by a member of the community long ago. In time, it would change radically. What was originally made is now a mere shadow of what we currently have.

Dark Storm's storyline is focused on a dark conflict in Sol's history, set not too long ago after the devastating Great War.

"In the aftermath of a bloody revolution, the Galactic Terran Alliance has been shattered and divided into three sides. For over a decade, there is uneasy peace. Unforseeable events will shatter the peace between all sides and ignite a system-wide conflict. A Dark Storm looms overhead, but when it clears, Sol shall rise again......"

The story is being developed by me and ShadowGorrath.


Dark Storm is being developed on FSOpen 3.6.12, utilising many of its features and the MediaVPs. Here are some of the features it will have:

-Wide range of famous and new spacecraft designs
-Extensive soundtrack collection
-Two character-driven campaigns, telling stories from three diverse factions
-New arsenal of primary and secondary weapons
-Savage firefights
-Custom range of graphical and audio effects
-And much more

We're aiming to eventually be able to release the prologue chapter for the campaigns of Dark Storm. It will introduce players to the Dark Storm universe and some of its recurring characters while detailing the events leading up to the outbreak of a devastating war.

As part of this preview, we would like to reveal one of these factions to you, along with some eye candy. Below is the intelligence entry for the 'Terran Reformation Alliance', one of the three great powers of Sol:
"When the revolution reached its climax, the Galactic Terran Alliance suspended its agenda and reorganized itself as the Terran Reformation Alliance: a single authority that would dominate the planets beyond the main asteroid belt. Over the past decade, it has regained massive momentum and power lost when the Solar Federated Worlds overthrew its former reign. While the faces and locations have changed, the inner heart of the Alliance hasn't.

The planets under the TRA's control consist of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with two of its moons. During its early days, Pluto was chosen as the best strategic choice for capital world. The reason being was the still-weakened subspace field. Large regions of interference meant attempting access via subspace without prior knowledge was suicide. In recent years, this advantage has been completely neutralized by the field's recovery. Thus, the densely-populated Ganymede is now the TRA's capital.

Despite the recent changes in SFW society, the Alliance is considered as the most technologically advanced of the three superpowers. All TRA combat spacecraft are able to achieve sub-light speeds and maneuverability considered unnatural of their classifications. Vasudan-designed propulsion and reactor systems allow for greater energy efficiency in comparison to SFW designs. Additionally, it is the first faction to develop plasma-core beams, the second of the two beam technologies derived from the SD Lucifer. While requiring longer cool-down and cycle times between barrages, plasma beams have a far greater destructive potential.

Because of the regular ambition to preserve resources, Alliance military forces are considerably lower in fleet scale. However, TRA pilots and officers have the greatest level of field experience and expertise. They achieve this thanks to rigorous and long training regimes, as well as regular combat exercise drills. Furthermore, while they commonly-adjusted towards fighting defensively, TRA military forces excel in fighting offensively. They prefer to employ rapid-assault tactics and doctrines that maintain momentum.

The TRA seeks to achieve two goals: Reuniting all of Sol's societies and reforming the GTA is the first. Stabilizing and reopening the Delta Serpentis subspace node would be the next. They believe such an act is essential to the future survival of humanity. The node's reopening would allow Sol's descendants to reunite with the 'lost generation' and return to their former glory.

Past history means the TRA usually sits on thin ice when dealing with the Solar Federated Worlds. Meanwhile, it does have some peaceful relations with the Independent Colonial States. Peaceful co-existence has allowed for the breakup of much negativity and stereotyping. However, there is still some distance to cover between both sides, and the ICS remains steadfast in terms of remaining neutral."


Description aside, here is some eye candy for you:

Hope you enjoyed this preview of Dark Storm, and that you look forward to seeing a released version of it!

Its not the one I'm working on. I wouldn't go an change it that much, it'd be silly!

They're stealing ideas from me, who stole ideas from everyone else!

Not that I didn't know of Dark Storm existing before... :/ I'd thought it would be...more different.
Hmm, I'm liking those new ships (even though some have smoothing issues :P). Where'd you get them from?
All of them are in EW's modpack, aside from the aformentioned command station, which I could give to you if you really want it but its kinda LOLCRUMMYTURRETJOB.

Ungh, one day, I'm going to have to -actually finish- the Calypso conversion...
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Yup, Dark Storm is its own thing, not an End War Story and not to be confused with Dawn of Sol :razz:

Stealing ideas? Hah, nah. Dark Storm is pretty different -- Promise 8)

This will be posted on HLP shortly, so expect to see it there very soon as well.

A thread for Dark Storm now exists on HLP as of yesterday.

The HLP thread will be recieving regular updates, so be sure to stay tuned to it. This thread will also recieve updates when new media is posted.

Gonna repeat what I said on HLP.
I've never seen a reskin of the Zagreus that looks good, every single one, without exception, has looked like overtiled crap cause the FEN## textures are designed to work with significantly higher tiling factors than...other tilemaps.

Also, don't like the green turret texture thing. Doesn't fit.
Believes in 3DPD. Loli is not a crime. A cat is fine too.
War of the Squids | Not Tom Clancy's | Ice Cream | Bosch Beer

The FEN textures do look great, but they seem a tad bit low res and detail for my liking. And I actually reckon this reskin turned out wonderfully -- Meant to be orionish, and so it is.

Btw, there is a reason for that green turret texture, but I'm keeping tight-lipped about it for time being.
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