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Dear Freespace Sector Administrators

Greetings my fellow FS enthusiasts. I love this game and despite its age it still stands the test of time. I am writing for much appreciated help regarding locating or any information regarding the whereabouts of an original series FS2 mod that I originally downloaded years ago and enjoyed the nostalgic thrill of strapping into the cockpit of a Colonial Viper MK I from the 78 series and blasting cylons. The creator I am unable to remember but I'm frankly surprised as to why after several investigative hours checking searches link after link and ending up empty handed. I lost the files due to a system crash and smartly as any good computer user is does backups and I definitely did this for this mod underdeveloped but I was impressed with the cues of sound taken from the original in all the aspects, laser torpedo sounds of the vipers, the droning hum of the original series cylon raiders and their characteristic laser blasts just like the original series. Although this mod had only one mission. Plans were underway to add to this mod. I was in the process of doing a campaign for the OS, using what was available but after planning an elaborate storyboard and trying to reinstall the mod. Unfortunately my backup copy on CD somehow was damaged or became unreadable. If anyone has a copy of this amazing mod I would appreciate the means to contact and acquire it once again. I don't mind the one based on the new series but I find the new series lacks the esthetic value of an original idea. Please don't misinterpret the BTRL mod is amazing and I enjoy playing it but growing up with the old series I would like to return to the past to appreciate the future.

I would grately appreciate any help with this. I'm also seriously tempted to figure out how to make a mod of the original series if unable to locate the mod I used to have.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Jason Chapman.
PS I've also worked out an elaborate near 100 missions in 2001 a mission story board if you will for an original FS campaign. I am quite familiar with fred and wonder if the community and players for freespace would be excited about such a lengthy story campaign. And have done some recruiting for voice acting and to make it as professional looking as possible. Any suggestions on where to start as cutscenes seem impossible to deliver as far as making them so any leads on this aspect would also be much appreciated.

I really hope someone knows of where this holy grail unique treasure mod is hiding for Original series BSG, I would love to play it again. Compared to other original series mods I've seen, the one made for FS2 somewhat near the time of the uprisings of the original builds for the robotech macross mod is the one for BSG OS I'm referring to. Frankly also the best one for that genre.

Thanks once again for your time and prompt reply. I'm still searching online but I'd like to finish my quest.. Thanks everyone.
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Diaspora actually has no objection to someone making a TOS mod of our game.

Hell, I'd probably offer to help them with some FREDding if someone wanted to do it. :D

As for IP Andrews mod, some of it was released but it won't work with FS2_Open due to it using lots of textures for the ships. I can't remember where the downloads are now but I'm pretty sure I have a copy somewhere.
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