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How come that one looks worse than the INFR1 one? Probably something to do with the messed up head region.
The texturing is off; the original wasn't exactly a good job (too many reps, I didn't know how to rotate UVs etc), but this one has an utterly horrible squish job on that colossus 'girder' texture down the middle.

The light textures are also indistinct; they look like noise on the metal plating (which in itself I think is a either a straight recolour of the generic one that comes with 3ds max, or an old IWar2 texture)

The tuning fork 'split' at the front is a mistake; I tried a few sketched variations on this a while back when I was working on a model (and I'm presuming this isn't the dumped version of that... I really can't remember what it looked like as we're probably talking 5 years or more ago), and the problem with that design is that it skews the scale up; the eye isn't naturally drawn to a particular point any more as with a relatively simple, narrowing point.

It also looks a bit too wide; and hence bloated. As with the tuning fork thing, the ship looked big because it looked relatively slender. Your eye sees the narrowness and extrapolates extra length from it - even though the actual volume is probably fairly low.

Oh, and there at what appears to be beam turrets at the back end, pointing forward. Which is kind of illogical when you think about it...

Of course, the one good thing about the original - hackjob that it is - is that it's extremely simple shaped. So you'll remember the shape and fill in the blanks in a generally pleasing manner, more than remember the messed up details.

Somebody should HTL the Warlock =P
I did actually start one a while back after this thread, oddly enough.

I emphasise the start bit; it's nowhere near finished. Basic shape is present at least.

That's what I was thinking too... Especially the engines and the nose are very battlestar-like. Is that intentional?
Yes and no; I've been somewhat riffing off of BSG style designs for quite some time (to limited success), and I'm a particular fan of the engines. But the design also corresponds more or less to the original, with the more implausible parts (namely the 'conning tower' type bits) removed.

That said, it looks a hell of a lot more battlestar-ish in the frontal view than I actually expected.
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