Little Starchart Experiment

Nobody has commented yet about this on Hard-Light, so I thought I'd post it here and see if anyone makes a comment.
Something I built as a plot device for any future FS story that I write for. It is a command briefing sized starchart, set in the north-eastern sector of the freespace universe. I've tried to stay as close to possible to the starcharts that are available to the community, mainly the one created by Blackwater Operations. It has gone through several remakes to reach its current state.

The only non-canon system there is the Endymion system. That is where I intend any future story to take place in.

Looks pretty cool :D Though the stars/systems are shown by plasma-like looking things, which looks somewhat strange IMO.

What's it for though, more precisely?

And I suggest you prioritise posting stuff on here, instead HLP.

Lol starchart requests.

As I said Shadow, it is for any future FS-based story that I write. I've been in the mood for making something for quite some time. I can't see anything big happening, as I'm trying to restrict myself to doing small stuff so it doesn''t end up failing. This starchart is at least a start.

I'm actually happy with how it turned out. I did have making it close to the style Volition used in mind, but in the end, it didn't appeal. This one is closer to the sort used in the ASW.

I get your point, Shadow. I guess we all have to stick to some form of canoncity with our custom projects. In this case, the font style. But meh, I'm liking Wintermute, so I might just stick with that for now.

Edit: Lol let's just call this chart an experiment, shall we? Makes things a bit simpler.

I made a 3d nodemap once. Some mod decided to use it, but I dont remember which. Still have the rar file if anyone is looking for a 3d-max compatable nodemap thinger to futz with.
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