As you know, I did send a message to FSK a while ago. I doubt that he recieved it however. A few times, messages I have sent to sectorgamers don't get through to the receiver. I sent a new one to him this morning and am hoping it goes through successfully this time.

Other than that, not much to report. Well, except this maybe. I have been feeling like I want to do modding of sorts, you know like a super-short campaign or something rather. If I do end up doing something, the Durandal will be featured. It'll be the top of my list for stuff to add. But knowing me, I'd probably lose interest pretty quickly and or find I cannot complete it because of some aspect of development.

If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears.


Damnit, message failed to send. Three other attempts failed as well.

Well, looks like we're gonna have to wait for a response from FSK on this thread.
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